Water Conservation

The issue of Water Conservation gets much attention at all times by the Directors. Our Association of Water Directors- Texas regularly offers presentations at its Conventions and Special Meetings to make certain all are aware of the efforts and plans of the state, county and local groups with responsibilities plan for long range water availability. Often these presentations are by the elected and appointed State Officials. Conservation is necessarily a large factor in long range planning such that best practices are often featured.

Weston Lakes is a community that features large lawns which are well maintained. These attractive lawns are extremely important to us. So, while leaks are always of concern, Weston Lakes’ ability to truly reduce consumption has primarily to do with limiting lawn and flower bed irrigation to a minimum. At all times, our water rates are designed to encourage this type of conservation as they increase as usage rises. In times of any curtailment of the use of water, our Drought Contingency Plan balances the need to provide as much water as possible while not over working our installed Water Plants.

As the home itself can be a source of water loss, It is important that we keep such leaks repaired. Our Operator, Inframark, LLC. regularly provides tips and inserts with their Invoices as to what to watch for and have repaired. Several of the Websites under the “Links” heading above contain numerous tips. Inframark, LLC. also has an Accountability Index discussed each month in our Director’s Meeting making certain that any loss of water during the treatment and distribution processes are minimized.

For Bend County MUD #81 is an ardent supporter of the Water Smart Program promoted by the Association of Water Board Directors—Texas. This program, which is one of the referenced Websites, is designed to increase Conservation needs, assist in postponing rationing needs, enable public participation in conservation efforts and leverage local conservation efforts. An annual review makes certain Fort Bend MUD #81 is properly administrating such areas as rate structures, Contingency Plans and Community communications. Each Spring Water Smart personnel present a program to Huggins Elementary students demonstrating the necessity to better use water in our daily lives.

Ultimately, each citizen is responsible for not being water wasteful. Your Fort Bend County MUD #81 Board asks each resident to be thoughtful in using water as waste will eventually have an effect on your friends and neighbors.