Our new website provides online entry for reporting Water and Sewage issues directly to the appropriate parties.
The website also provides for email and text notifications of emergency and important reports of water and sewer issues. This process will be initiated in 2022.

Activities update within the district.

  1. The addition of a third water plant to serve District users us nearing completion. The facility should be online within the next 60 days, subject to Center Point Energy completing their work to bring power to the site. As with all MUD 81 water plants, a diesel generator will power the plant in the event of a power outage.
  2. Water plant #1 has had trees and bushes cleared from the perimeter fence and the fencing repaired where needed.
  3. Water plant #2 (located adjacent to Pecan Park) has had trees and vegetation cleared from the perimeter in preparation for new decorative concrete security fencing to be installed. The new fence, like that around Water Plant #1, is scheduled to be installed in April 2022.
  4. The Wastewater Treatment Plan project to increase capacity and update the treatment process is nearing completion.
  5. The District is continuing the televised inspection process and cleaning existing sewer lines within the District. With some lines approaching 35 years of service, any maintenance issues uncovered by the televising process will be scheduled for repair as needed.
  6. No residents, other than the incumbent directors, filed for election to the Fort Bend MUD 81 Board of Directors for the May 7, 2022 election. Therefore, L.A. Meyers, the current Secretary of the Board, and Steven Utterback, the current Vice President & Treasurer, will serve for a new four-year term.